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Important Take-aways from Cloud Atlas

From the trailers, this movie looked like it was going to bite off more than it could chew and wind up as something akin to The Fountain (which I was apparently not smart enough to appreciate).  Happy to say that was not the case.

For those that couldn’t tell, the story revolves around the idea of our interconnectedness with those around us through time.  Call it reincarnation if you’d like (see if I care), but that concept was never quite named.  The 6 sub-stories fit together really nicely and the jumping through time never crossed over into confusion.  I won’t say I was blown away by a surprise twist ending because there wasn’t one, nor was one needed, but the message will definitely tug on the heart-strings of those moviegoers as emotionally-charged as myself.  Sniff.

Word to the wise

After you see it, assuming you didn’t hate the movie (which would make you a complete douche nozzle) make sure you stick around during the credits for the rundown of which roles the actors played.  Doubtless there will be at least a few characters whose actor will surprise you.

Also, don’t drink any liquids for about 4 hours prior to start time and make a pit stop as close to the showtime as you can.  You have been warned.