The Bond Girls Hotness Chart

Saw Skyfall on opening night.  First time I did that since The Dark Knight when my face was painted like the (latest) Joker.  Totally worth it.  While hundreds of James Bond “purists” may scream “impossible!”, Daniel Craig is by far my favorite James Bond.  He’s so friggin badass.  And dapper.  And don’t even get me started on that toosh…

I fear I’ve said too much.

I thought Skyfall was a big improvement after Quantum of Solace which was universally considered meh at best.  Most importantly there was no shortage of (female) hotties with bodies which got me to thinking about some of my favorite Bond Girls.  Who doesn’t love ranking women on largely superficial matters?  No one I know.  Thus The Bond Girls Hotness Chart was born.

The Bond Girl Hotness Chart


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